Have you ever closely examined your Beagle appearance? Notice the legs and back? These hunting champions are known to have two unique features. These dogs are known to have weak legs and a crooked spine to develop and that makes them more susceptible to various diseases, one of which is the herniated disc.

The spinal column and intervertebral disks of a Beagle is just like any other dogs and cats. E 'is also similar to humans. The spine, also known ascalled the backbone consists of a series of small vertebrae bones. These small bones surround and protect the spinal cord. To the spinal cord is important because this is a set of spinal nerves, relaying information between the brain and body. Once the spinal cord is damaged, a dog and feel normal movement of the body is affected. The dog's vertebrae are separated by intervertebral discs. These discs are soft tissue structures that allow normal movementthe backbone from head to tail.

Intervertebral Disc

Let us first address to understand the structure of these discs of the disease. fibrous and nucleus pulposus; A normal disc has two components. Ring is the outer shell or layer, the nucleus pulposus, a gelatinous portion is contained. fibrous core was to prevent the curve from the outside. When this gelatinous layer (nucleus pulposus) bulges into the vertebral canal and reachesspinal cord injury, herniated disc or IVDD occurs.

Facts about herniated disc in Beagles

IVD is a condition in which compression of the spinal cord, which is mild pain in the neck or back pain in mild cases. severe case of disc herniation causing paralysis, numbness and loss of bowel and bladder control. This disease usually affects dogs raised by three eight years ago from a normal activity such as jumping and running or minor injuries, such as the decline during the game. IVDD is common inbottom of the spine (chest) seen, but also neck and neck. A dog in the thoracolumbar IVDD exhibitions pain and reluctant to run, jump and / or play. The back is curved and hind limb weakness may be present. If the dog often points its nose toward the ground, is the cervical disc disease. The pain may be excited at the neck and the muscles in that area. The dog is usually less active and some are easy to lay and sleep most of theTime.

This disease can be treated either with drugs or surgery. minor cases without neurological problems can be treated medically. Drugs such as anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing administered. Surgery is recommended in severe and rapidly progressive symptoms. Do the normal activities is strictly limited to the worst disease from the outset to avoid.

Facts about herniated disc in Beagles

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