disc herniation in the dog can see a very sudden onset of neck pain, clumsiness in walking, where your dog is literally drunk, or cause, in some cases the inability to walk. This extremely painful condition is known as a rupture disk, and IVDD and is available in two forms, cancer of the cervix and the thoracolumbar disc disease. Each of these forms will be located in different parts of the spine of the dog and, consequently, different parts of theirBody.

Your dog's spine:

Intervertebral Disc

A full understanding of this extremely painful disease, it is very useful for all owners, some of the basics, such as the spine of a dog is made to understand you. back your dog has several small bones, called vertebrae, and extend from the base of the skull to its tail. They are characterized by very flexible plates, which in turn are connected by a type of cartilage together. These are called the intervertebral disks, and theirMain function is to provide cushioning between the bones.

herniated discs in dogs

If this works in unison, allowing the dog to the neck, spine, and move their positions, as well as attitude change. And 'this feature that allows your pet to bend and move the tail.
Each of these vertebrae is a tunnel through it, and that is where the spinal cord runs. They are the bones around them in this tunnel and protected with a few exceptions, the spaces between theVortex, where they run over the tops of these tables. The strength of these panels is crucial to the spinal cord, as it consists of a mass of nerve fibers running along the bottom back and forth between the brain and your dog's entire body.

If you are weak or otherwise damage them has become capable of developing disc herniation.

What exactly is it?

herniated discs in dogs may occur if one of these plates is weak, such as age of the dog, or may be weakFollowing an accident or a traumatic event that took place. You can also break, will lead a portion of the plate to be literally at the top. If this happens, it starts to take place enormous pressure on the spinal cord of the dog, and that's broken, or designated as a herniated disc. This event can occur suddenly, where it is called acute or develop slowly over a long period in which it is considered chronic.

However,What is the length of time puts pressure on the spinal cord of the dog and this pressure is prevented or significantly reduce the amount of transfers, which runs along the nerves of the spinal cord. There are two main types of disk problems in dogs, cervical and thoracolumbar, also known as TL.

Cervical disc disease:

The first type of disc herniation in dogs refers to as cervical disc disease, and represents the pressure on the disc dogor around the neck. The exact cause of this form is not fully understood, but in many cases there is a change in the contents of your hard drive. You can change a substance very soft and flexible gel-like, a very hard material. When this happens, can one of two things will slowly push your dog's spinal cord, or it will explode in their spinal cord. The disks, which can affect the affected area are the dog's forelegs and hind legs, but a lotto a lesser extent.

It can also affect a part of his body, or if it is already difficult enough for both parties. The most common symptoms of this form of herniated discs are the pain in the neck. This neck pain can be mild, and therefore only caused inconvenience to the dog, or can be severe. As it begins to be too severe, your dog will start very clumsy and displayed as they are literally drunk. This is a warning sign as real as the next symptom is the appearance of a complete paralysis of all four paws.If this happens, your dog will be absolutely no feeling or sensation in the legs. If this loss of sensitivity is deep enough, your dog has a chance to survive.

This form can affect any breed, but there are some breeds that are more prone than others. These breeds are Basset Hound, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel and Dachshund. Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apostle and Corgis are also at a higher risk of these fractures.

Thoracic discDisease:

The next form of disc herniation in the dog is called the thoracolumbar intervertebral disc disease, or TL. This is a situation where there is pressure on the spinal cord dog in the thoracolumbar area of ​​their back, and is considered the most common disease of the spine in dogs. If this record is concerned, it's your dog in the middle of his body and affects the hind legs. The first signs of this form of the disease are back pain and acomplete retention of playing or moving, in some cases.

They are also extremely reluctant steps, because this increase in pressure, and groped yelp or scream if you touch them. If there is progress, under heavy, but it can also paralyze all four paws of your dog. The races are designed the same object of this form of the disease.


Treatments for herniated discs in the dog is basically the same for both types of the disease;medical or surgical.

The form of medical treatment when the disease is considered mild to moderate, severe need of sleep. It may also place your dog in a cage for the rest this is followed by guarantee. In the early stages of muscle relaxants and steroids are given. And if it does not improve, you can use your dog to the hospital and intravenous steroids. However, it is the vast majority of cases, medical care is not a winner.

Ifthis is the case, the only option you have left surgical treatments. The vet is a series of tests to determine the position of the disc, which is influenced, and then they are in a small window of bone drill on the bottom of bones of the spine of your dog, usually on both sides of the disc in use influenced . This allows access to the material can be broken when removed from his spinal canal. In this case, it is quite successful, even if your dogbe remedied immediately.

This will have a weight of the spinal cord, which can begin to heal, but does nothing to the spinal cord that allow only the time to heal, but there are a good team. The spinal canal in the dog is greater when the neck area, and for this reason, it is much more tolerant. However, if the disc is in the thoracolumbar, it may take longer to heal.


herniated discs in dogsproof is very painful and surgery may be the only possible solution. For this reason, the cost can be prohibitive, and some owners may need to be a very difficult decision. If this process you can afford or have insurance, your dog has a good chance of full recovery. However, if they lost, which is a deep feeling in his legs due to this process, also called the surgery can not be successful.

herniated discs in dogs

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